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A driveway is a very attractive investment for a homeowner. Aside from the ease it creates for homeowners with regards to parking on a day to day basis it also adds significantly onto the property value.

However driveways are not easy to maintain. It can take significant time and effort to clean your driveway.

Plus you have to go to the expense of having a decent pressure washer, an outdoor water supply, a long enough power source and clothes that your happy to ruin!

Driveways accumulate an awful lot of dirt and muck as dirty tyres go over them again and again.

Dislodging this muck is a tedious and time-consuming job.

This is where we come in.

We can pressure wash your driveway from top to bottom and re-seal your driveway to ensure that it lasts for years to come at great prices.

Resealing is an important task at the end of a driveway clean. Resealing is basically the process of inserting sand between the bricks to prevent the bricks from moving and dislodging. This requires time, skill and care to ensure the whole of the driveway is sealed and that once cleaned no brickwork is likely to move or become dislodged. If not done properly driveway cleaning can be harmful to your driveway. This is one other potential reason why you should employ a professional like myself with 10+ years of experience doing driveway cleaning.

How long does a driveway clean take?

Your average driveway could take 1 or 2 days to clean & a bigger driveway can even take 3-4 days or more! Obviously, the scale and nature of the job, weather conditions and potential obstacles influence the time require to do the job. We are highly experienced in working around all obstacles and -more often than not- complete most of our jobs on or under time. Domestic pressure cleaning systems may take even longer to clean a driveway. This is another benefit of using our service as we use industrial grade equipment which can save time and money which makes the process easier for us and you as well.

How much does getting my driveway cleaned cost?

It honestly depends…

Phone me to find out how much it will cost.

To be more precise it’s impossible to give you a decent price over the internet without knowing at least the basics of the task a quote is being requested for. All quotes are free and I always do my best to be reasonable and competitive on price whilst at the same time making sure the quality of the job is as high as possible.

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