Roof Cleaning

If your roof is looking tired then have me clean them to give your home an instant facelift.

I use industrial soft washing & low pressure washing equipment to clear away all muck, algae, grime and dirt from your roof (and walls if you like) to restore your home to a cleaner & more eye pleasing state.

We use some of the most effective cleaning solutions to clean your roof and know how to apply them to get the best result possible. We have all the relevant equipment required to do the job thoroughly and effectively including at heights.

Advantages of soft washing your roof include

  • The results of softwashing tend to last longer
  • Kills bacteria and fungi and mold spores better than pressure washing
  • Its usually more cost effective than pressure washing your roof
  • It is regarded as safe for all known materials used to construct houses
  • There is no damage to the surface being cleaned
  • Increases the life of a roof
  • Uses less water than pressure washing
  • It’s a lot less nosier than pressure washing your home

So if you need a quote for roof cleaning or wall cleaning then call me today on 07759865041